General Information

Great River Referral Group is a business organization formed to assist like-minded businesses in growing their businesses and allowing for professional development of its members. 

Mission Statement

To help our members grow their local business by referring new customers, clients and businesses to one another.

Why Our Referral Group Works

  • We only have one member for each category of business in our organization.
  • We look for new members that benefit existing members.
  • We regularly learn about our members and their services by listening to them speak and learning about their business.
  • Our members attend a weekly meeting which allows:
    • Members to know each other and their respective businesses in an in-depth manner ensuring accurate referrals.
    • Ensures members are always thinking of potential referrals to fellow members.
    • Continual networking with other members.

Visit our group

We meet on Thursday mornings at 7 a.m. Feel free to contact us about coming as a guest to one of our meetings by emailing us or contacting one of our members.

How to Join

  • Contact one of our members for basic information.
  • Attend one of our meetings by emailing us or contacting a member.
  • After you have visited our group and decided that your business will benefit from our group, fill out our application and submit it for approval along with the application fee.
  • After your application is reviewed and you are either accepted or denied, we will contact you before the next meeting.

Membership Fees & Dues

Minimal Application Fee and modest Annual Dues.